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Social Network

Social Networking For Communities and Corporate Businesses To Increase Brand Awareness Through Community networking

The Internet is undergoing a revolution in social networking. Millions of people are meeting on Web sites to talk about their common interests: romance, business, movies, parenting and technology virtually everything under the sun. Your customers are no different. They want to talk to other people who share a passion for your products. By building an online community around your brand, you provide your customers with an easy and entertaining place to find, meet and interact with each other. At the same time, you will:

  1. Strengthen your brand
  2. Reinforce your customers' buying decision
  3. Build a sense of community behind your product offerings
  4. Learn who your customers really are
  5. Open new channels for communicating more effectively with your customers

A brand-focused online community is a powerful tool for learning more about your customers than you have ever known. Through profiles, informal polls, two-way communications and interactive content, you can discover what your customers like and don't like about your products. What other related interests they have in common. Which products are their favorites and why. Practically anything you want to know.

And the more you know about your customers, the more effectively you can respond to their needs and communicate with them. Your online community will help you:

  • Make informed product development decisions
  • Test new product ideas and messaging concepts
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns that speak to your customers' unique interests
  • Organize local events around your products

Utilizing proprietary, next generation "pairing" technology, Specialty Match Networks builds custom online communities that make it easy and fun for people to interact with each other. We can build an online community around your brand, license our powerful technology to you, or provide expert consulting services.

Corporations can use our technology to build powerful social networks.

Our specialty network is a network of online personal services that builds Internet communities for the purpose of matchmaking, social networking and affiliate marketing opportunities to promote other web destinations that are of interest to our visitors. Our strategy is to address the growing internet dating and online personals business by creating a network of niche sites that cater to a specific theme, lifestyle or demographic and link them together as a network promoting the ability for members of one niche site to easily become members of other sites.

We have developed a next generation online relationship management system (ORMS) technology for managing online relationships. The first site to use this technology was our online dating site called, a singles site for people who love country music and more traditional values. Our goal was to match and exceed the features found on other popular internet dating sites such as, Yahoo Personals and

In addition to building online communities for its own network, Specialty Match Network also plans to expand its Professional Services business to offer Application Service Provider (ASP) Hosted communities to corporations who wish to enable the consumers of their products or services to network with each other, around a specific brand . CLICK HERE to learn more about how building an online community can help you leverage your brand.

The Specialty Match has a number of marketing opportunities for approved advertisers who would like to get in front of our members. Unlike most sites, we know our members age, city, gender, interests, etc This means we can deliver a customized message based on your specific demographics and call to action. The result is a much higher click through rate for our advertiser and a more relevant advertisement for our members.

We limit the amount of real estate to advertisers simply because we don't want our members to get blasted with multiple messages on a single screen. This means we screen our advertisers to make certain their message is relevant to our members.

We offer the following advertising mediums:

  • Banner advertising placement on our member homepage
  • Email Coattails - HTML or Text Messages added to the bottom of our email communications that members have "opted-in" to receive.
  • Local event sponsorship and coupon delivery Want to get our members to your location or event? We can target people within 25 miles of your event and promote your activity with a special offer or redemption coupon

Build a one-to-one relationship with your customers! Do you have a large number of customers who use your products? Would you like to build a more personal relationship with your customers in order to establish a higher level of brand loyalty and repeat business? Would you like to really get to know your customers, we mean really get to know them? Then consider building a social network around your brand.



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